Supply Chain and Procurement

We believe in the importance of building and maintaining strong business relationships

Thank you for your interest in working with us.

Having the best supply chain and procurement partners is one of the key strengths that we offer to our clients.

Since 1918 Wiley has built a tradition to work closely with a trusted family of master tradesmen, subcontractors, consultants and suppliers, who share our passion for traditional craftsmanship and our appetite for technological improvement.

We are committed to supporting our local supply chain and seeking better ways to bring innovative and future focused solutions to our projects.

How to express interest

Potential suppliers that wish to have goods or services evaluated are requested to provide a company brochure or information to

(If your inquiry relates to providing goods or services for a specific project or tender, please clearly state the name of the project or tender in the subject line of your email.)

Following a review of your information, we may ask you to complete a pre-qualification process, as part of the evaluation of your expression of interest.


As part of our process to improve security and protect our payments against fraud and error, our suppliers of goods and services are required to provide business information verifying their banking details through eftsure portal before conducting business with, and getting payment from us.

The eftsure software solution is an independent, real-time, continuous controls monitoring system, designed to validate the integrity of online transactions and supplier date. It ensures accurate electronic funds transfer of payments, providing greater assurance to its customers and their valued suppliers that when payments are processed, the funds are going where they are intended. eftsure is used by organisations including Griffith University, Monash Health, Alfred Health, NSW Ports, and 7-Eleven. eftsure processes, in particular, the verification phone call made to new suppliers, assure that your details are genuine and accurate. Due to the nature of their business eftsure treats security with the utmost importance. It is a requirement that all eftsure staff follow strict security guidelines.

How secure is eftsure?
Supplier data is stored in Eftsure servers, which are physically located in Australia, including back up servers. You may already be using Eftsure with other vendors. They presently work with many clients across Australia, including a number of universities, for example, Griffith University and UTS.

How can I tell whether this is a scam or not?
When you follow the instructions to verify your details on eftsure’s website, you will see your bank account details are partly populated, which identifies you and names UNDA, which confirms the legitimacy of the email.

Guidance for existing suppliers
If you are an existing supplier, you can update your details at any time by contacting the department with whom you normally do business. They will provide you with an ‘Eftsure change request’ to update your information. It is your responsibility to ensure that your details are up to date. Please notify us immediately of any changes or discrepancies you notice.

Guidance for new suppliers
As part of the onboarding process, your department contact will request your company name and email address. You will then receive an email invitation from eftsure to register your details as a new supplier, including your ABN,company name, address, email, and bank account details.

After registering your details, an eftsure team member may contact you within 24-48 hours to verify the accuracy of the provided information. You will receive a confirmation email from eftsure once your data has been verified.

To update your details, contact the department you normally do business with and request an ‘eftsure change request’.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your details are up to date. Please notify us immediately of any changes or discrepancies you notice.

How to verify the legitimacy of a call from Eftsure
If in the event you choose not to validate your account details via the eftsure bank link functionality, you can expect a phone call from a member of the eftsure validation team who will verify your details over the phone.
Once eftsure has finished the verification process, they securely pass your information to UNDA for entry into our finance system. You will then receive a confirmation email from eftsure when your data has been verified.

How to change Your data with eftsure
To update your details, please contact the department you normally do business with and request an ‘eftsure change request’. You will receive an email from eftsure with a link to update your data in their portal. After updating, you will receive a confirmation email once your data has been verified. Depending on the data being updated, you may receive a phone call from an eftsure team member to verify your details over the phone before receiving the confirmation email.

Learn more about eftsure here.
For eftsure technical support, please call: 1300 985 976
Contact eftsure customer support here.
Access eftsure supplier help documentation.

If you have any enquiries or concerns leading up to, during and/or after providing your details to EFTsure, please do not hesitate to contact us at Wiley on 1300 385 988.

Paying suppliers

All invoices received for payment require a valid Purchase Order (PO) number, and the contact name of the person who requested the goods or service.

Please direct any questions to our Accounts Payable Customer Line on +617 3859 8963 or email

Project Partners Guild

The Wiley Project Partners Guild is a group with which we share projects, successes and opportunities.

Members of our supply chain join an exclusive network where they receive prior insight to upcoming projects and exchange ideas in our open forum. In the spirit of collaboration, quality, diversity and trust, we walk together towards a better future.

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