Who am I: Survivor - Warrior - Dreamer - Happy


Whenever I doubt myself on how far I can go, I will remember how far I have come. I remember everything I’ve faced, all the battles I’ve won and all the fears I’ve overcome. Like riding on a motor bike and conquering my claustrophobia of wearing a helmet or snorkelling in the open ocean to overcome my fear of sharks.

I am most passionate about…

my family, my dog, my 80s playlists, getting lost in nature, fancy dress parties, creating beautiful party settings, travelling to a new country every year, harvesting my herb garden and being anywhere near the beach.  I have a beautiful marriage and five boys. I learn so much from my kids. They look at life differently to most. They question everything about the way humans live. They would rather be out hiking than inside watching tv. They are explorers. Creators. I treasure every minute I get with them and love hearing about their mountain climbing experiences or the latest photography skills they have learnt.  Their photography inspires me to create my own way of capturing moments through a lens. But more importantly, my kids teach me to put technology down and just enjoy the moment that is. They teach me to break out of the box our generation tended to put around themselves, and just say ‘yes’ to experiences.  And I learn so much from my dog … how to get excited about the little things like going for a walk, going to the dog beach. And how important it is to show you are excited to see a loved one walk through the door after a work day.

What is important to me?

Allocating time for intentional learning every day. To grow and push myself. Putting aside time in the early hours to learn meditation and yoga or just to list the ten things I’m grateful for, send good thoughts to people I am struggling with and set my intention of things I want to achieve that day. It is important to me to continually work on my physical and mental wellbeing. Helping others is what I love to do the most and by looking after myself first, I feel strong enough to take on anything to help others. I am slowly becoming an empty nester, with my kids leaving the coup. I’m using this time as an opportunity to create a new life that is full of my own fun adventures.