Wiley’s 2020 in Review – The year that distance brought us together

This is the time of year that we can reflect on what 2020 brought us as a company. 
Whave collected a few of our achievements throughout this year, such as completed projects, charities we have been a part of, awards and how we handled social distancing together throughout the year to share with you and for us to reflect on in the future.  

Projects we worked on together 

Here is sprinkling of the awesome projects that Wiley delivered this year. Learn more about each project below! 

Melbourne Markets Melbourne Market increased leasable warehousing capacity, allowing them to welcome more fruit and vegetable wholesale market operators to their ever-growing market community.  Learn more HERE 

Gundagai Meat Processors (GMP) | Wiley delivered new facility upgrades for Gundagai Meat processors to replace an aging facility, whilst increasing their production by at least 30% , whilst maintaining an existing customer demand and expansions into new markets. Learn more HERE 

Griffin State School | Wiley delivered three new, large buildings comprising 30 classrooms, staff rooms, amenities, sporting courts, a playground and landscaped areas, an undercover car park and an open car park. Learn more about the project HERE

Ferny Grove State High School This new state-of-the-art facility provides a superb learning and interactive environment for the students and staff. The new facility included, 22 General Learning Areas (GLA) , 1 STEM studio, 5 collaborative spaces, 3 science laboratories, 3 Flexible Learning Areas, 12 stores (chemical, science, resource etc), staffroom, kitchenette, data room and amenities. Learn more HERE 

Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) This Bundaberg project is part of a larger scope of works by STL, to replace roof cladding on 12 sugar storage sheds, over a period of 11 years. STL, the owners of the State’s Bulk Sugar Terminals (BST) and its operator, Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL Operations) engaged Wiley to deliver their roof replacement project. Learn more HERE

Charities we worked with 

We value a sense of community with an eye to making a difference where we can. For decades, we have made it our business to get involved and give back to our many great communities, causes and charities.  We make a difference through our involvement as individuals and as a business.  We not only fundraise, but often help out with the organisation and marketing of events. 

This year, we couldn’t attend many of our favourite charity events due to COVID-19, so we found other ways to contribute 

Wiley CEO Robert Barron was a part of TRACTION’s 2020 bike build to raise money for Australian youthRob raised $1,750 which goes to disadvantaged youth. Read more about this event HERE 

Wiley’s COO, Simon Spittle participated in Movember for the 5th year“After being in the building industry for as long as I have, I’ve seen the good and the bad that comes with mental health. Especially in an industry that is predominantly male, it’s important to spread awareness. It is important for people to understand that not being good, is okay” – said Simon. . Read more HERE

This year, in line with our values, we contributed to planting trees with Carbon Positive Australia as our Christmas gift to clients. Carbon Positive Australia restores degraded farmland to native woodland and wildlife habitat. Click here to see the projects this gift will contribute to. 

Awards our team won 

Wiley was honoured and proud to accept three awards at this year’s AIB awards. We won two QLD awards for Gundagai Meat Processors and Fareshare and also an AIB Tasmania award for the Ridley Feedmill. Read more about these awards here: 



We were proud to announce that Wiley Project Manager Cadet, Tom Gibson was awarded the prestigious Sir Manuel Hornibrook Medallion award for 2020 at an Australian Institute of Building ceremony. Read more about the award HERE 

Tom is the third Wiley employee to receive the esteemed accoladesomething we are very proud of.  

Social distancing online 

We found many ways to connect and be together throughout the COVID-19 outbreak this year. 

In this musical video titled “Twisted and Shouting” our team recorded their instruments, singing, costumes, family, pets and routines “roughly” to Twist and shout. Enjoy this awesome example of our culture HERE 

Each Friday during the lockdown, we had happy hour where the entire company could connect and catch up in a casual, relaxed environment. While we were apart, we did our best to stay together.  

Message from the CEO: 

Thank you very much for your contribution to another successful year, of growth, connection and achievement for us all!!  

~ Robert Barron  

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