Food Facility Fire Recovery


When natural elements strike, food facilities can be left with disastrous results. There is a clear road to the restoration of production and longer term rebuilding. Wiley has significant current experience in the disaster recovery process, including advising insurance and claims assessment teams for valuations and scoping. Below you will find who we have worked with lately after fire disasters.

Haverick Meats in Banksmeadow in Sydney, was devastated by a fire on the 21st May 2016. Wiley were contacted by the company and on site within two days to support their team and work with the insurance company. Fast forward to November and the factory, delivered by Wiley, is almost complete after a rapid rebuild recovery system.

AJ Bush were also able to rise from the ashes in record time. In 2001, the processing building was completely destroyed by fire. Wiley was able to get their facility back in production and achieved the earliest completion date for the re-built facility with minimum interruption to the facility’s overall production.

Australian Lemon Myrtle Product’s factory burnt to the ground earlier in 2016 due to an electrical fire. Wiley was on site 48 hours later to provide support to the team who process Lemon Myrtle predominantly for international export. Together with Wiley, they have completed the plans for a redesign of their facility to food grade standards. Wiley worked closely with their insurers to get them on track in the shortest amount of time.

In the hours following a disaster, it’s about getting all hands on deck. If you ever need an immediate helping hand, please don’t hesitate to call us here at Wiley. We will stand with you in your time of need. Our intimate knowledge of food facility operations combines with our ability to fast track projects to rapidly restore operations in both a temporary and long term capacity. We can help commission, design, construct and procure temporary facilities to get your business back online while simultaneously working on bringing your permanent operations back to life. We’re here to support your operation, your clients, your staff and your community.

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Robert Barron