Who am I: Team Administrator

I’ll always have a huge grin on my face, in the rare occurrence that I don’t – just ask me if I need more coffee!

 I take a lot of pride in my work and personal life, I always look at ways to continue my journey with personal-development seminars, mental health workshops and self-guided learning to continue expanding my day-to-day knowledge.

 You could call me a travel guru who has been lucky enough to visit almost 30 countries in the past 3 years alone, eating and drinking my way through different continents must be some of life’s finest moments. If I have free time most likely it will be spent at the beach, with friends or perhaps a shopping trip, I do like to spend my free time as proactively as possible but it’s important to always take time to relax as well.

 I believe that a combination of goal planning and actively working towards them every day will ultimately lead to success, sometimes life isn’t as easy as initially anticipated but when you continue looking at the bigger picture whilst breaking it down smaller and smaller, piece by piece you will be extremely surprised with what you are able to achieve. Best foot forward (always), kinda gal.